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 Our company focuses on safety, quality, and clean food. We align on our resources and expert team members to assure distinction in our services and products. Continuous research and development aspects make us stand apart from the rest. Also, we show respect to our clients with our halal chicken and Halal Beef supplies that are sourced from certified meat-producing plants.

Our Produce

We supply a full range of frozen meat products. We maintain the highest standards of taste and quality across all our products. Contact us today!

chiken paws

Chiken Paw

Chiken Feet

Frozen chiken

Our Story

Supply The Best Products Since 2017

We have widely established our network with many factory mills and our network offices include domestic and overseas branches all over the world. We have our head office situated in the middle of the downtown area in Bangkok and other big cities across the world. We are 12 years in business now and we offer best and loyalty to our customers.


100% original and fresh meats

Fresh & Healthy

Reliable, trusted

100% Organic

Premium Quality

Our Farm

The Home For Our Farm.
Natural. Sustainable.

We don’t grow our animals on any random plant, where they are mistreated without proper food and care. Doing business is not only our motto. We also believe in both quality and animal welfare. Taking care of Earth along with others is what we do! If you are tired of buying rotten spoiled meat, choose us.

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

Great service. Friendly staff. Fast really have changed over the past months. The chicken paws is fresh . They act like they’re glad that you are there. And they worked well together. Happy to see that BAF,us improving.
Anna Cynthia
We've purchased these chicken Paws many times from BAF. The last couple times we purchased these chicken paws, instead of immediately putting them in the freeze.The smell of chlorine was fresh.
Joelle Reign
I highly recommend these, my Children loves them and I read that they are an all natural , we fried and eat as snack that helps the Children get glucosomine in a natural way. All I know for sure is my children loves them. If you can get over the looks it is a great crunchy.
Margaret Suzanne

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